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Baby Eight Legged Beast No. 276

Baby Eight Legged Beast No. 276


One of a kind, and ready to ship!

This little Eight-legged Beast is part of The New Recycles family, creatures born from once-loved sweaters and scarves and old buttons.

She comes from a green cotton-nylon cardigan, a striped 100% pullover and a pink cotton polyester sweater.

This little baby eight-legger is the sweetest little companion, preferring to tag along in a large pocket, but your backpack or purse will do (just don't forget her in there, she's afraid of the dark!). She loves to munch on mac and cheese and apple juice and will always share if you're hungry.

This Baby Eight-legged Beast measures 8" (approx. 20cm) long and her head is approx. 4" x 3" (approx. 10 cm x 8 cm).

*Buttons are a choking hazard for young children. This toy is NOT recommended for children under 3 years without supervision and should NEVER be kept in a crib.

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