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Shoes & Peacocks

I made some headway on my shoes last night... I have the right sole's basic shape started, held together right now with elastic bands. I worked a little on what I think I want the leather that wraps around my foot to be like, but it's really too soon to tell. This shoe experiment could really turn out to be a big fat waste of time, but I'm really hope it's not. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to wear these out in public, and that that's not too lofty of a goal.

In other news, a peacock (or rather peahen) has moved into the neighborhood. The first time I saw her (walking right in the middle of the street) I thought it was a fluke, but lo and behold, she's back and may be living in the parking lot behind the apartment. There are a lot of peacocks close by the Arboretum which is relatively near, and I've seen a few now in these parts, but I don't understand why they are moving to more populated areas. The pictures I took are terrible so instead, a piece by Tamar Mogendorff:

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