Debi van Zyl


Yet another page ripped out of a magazine, source unknown.

I have this habit of hording magazines until I get so overwhelmed with how much space they take up that I get a glass of wine, plant myself on the floor and start ripping out the pages I like and tossing the rest. As a result I have piles of orphaned pages I feel compelled to hold on to and along the way I am reminded why I bought the magazine in the first place.
Behold Thomas O'Brien's inspiration wall (I'd know who that is if I have saved the magazine) ... it inspires me to be more 'neatly messy' and not just messy with my workspace and it's walls. I also like the consistent use of red push pins as well as the circle images. Plus, I don't need a ladder, but I'd feel much better if I had one. It's lovely.
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