Debi van Zyl


The "what do to you grab in a fire?" question is clearly haunting me.

Now that we are in the aftermath phase, Shawn from Island Sweet said it perfectly on a recent comment: "you must be looking at everything in your home with different eyes..."

And I am... now I am obsessed with every object I own... muttering to myself all day... do I need this? Is that really neccessary? Can I live without this item? Why am I such a pack rat? Since the fire, I have been surveying my apartment wondering if I really need all these bits and pieces.

So today I started to organize my buttons (which I realize is not really part of the exercise of getting rid of the unnecessary) but I cannot live without buttons, so I thought maybe I could at least organize them into a more manageable, usable way?... and this was as far as I got. Typical me, I got carried away with how pretty they looked and put them on the scanner instead of actually organizing the buttons. They're now back in the big glass jar, same as always :)

And this morning while I was washing dishes, I was looking at some wonderful little pieces I have. They really are nothing... nothing expensive or rare; they're not even attached to any extraordinary or wonderful memory, I just have them... and they are beautiful... and I love them. While they may not be part of the things I would automatically grab in a fire, if I lost them I would be heart-broken.

So... enough of the fire! I said I was moving on. I had better get to it :)

Some good news: Bencke has a shop on MadeIt... go and check it out. I've mentioned Gillian before, and just to reiterate, I love her work. She recently moved from Newcastle to Fremantle and so far it seems like a good fit ... and for all you lucky Australians, she'll be exhibiting at the Footpath Gallery in Fremantle in June/July as well as in Wangaratta, Vic. Also, find the latest musings on her blog.