Debi van Zyl


Our workspace is still very much in flux and things like desk arrangements, material storage, and general space planning have yet to be worked out. In the meantime {since there is no time to waste}, we've all started to bring in our respective bits and pieces. Not fully moved in yet by any means, we're already working in the space as best we can.

And while it probably won't stay this way, I already started to take over this salvaged shelving unit with a small portion of my huge paper/twine/stationery reserve. I have to edit myself because I know how quickly I could fill every inch of this storage piece with my own stuff, and now being in a shared space again, I have to be mindful of my studio mates' stuff too :)

"S" for selfish?

In the end the space will be fantastic.
Images to come as it evolves.
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