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I'm feeling like I want to say and show a lot of stuff from this past week... but it's been hard to sit down lately, take it in and then re-tell it. I've (once again) started down the dangerous track of blog-neglect.

Tonight I promised myself that if I made it to this one point in one of my deadlines for tomorrow, I'd let myself indulge in a post or even just a quick gander at all the lovely blogs out there. And wouldn't you know it?.... tonight, of all nights, with deadlines looming and blog aspirations high, my computer's adapter croaked and I'm running on and out of battery power. Fast.

With a little luck and extra shipping charges, I'll be back in a few days with a little ac/dc for my laptop. Hopefully I'll see you all sooner from borrowed computers and internet connections, but if not, have a happy week.

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