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A long overdue post about my growing ceramic cityscape, by Susan Dwyer of up in the air somewhere. I still need to buy the third factory vessel, but thus far have collected two of them and they happily co-exist on my desk with my water silo, also by Susan.

And if you read this blog often you know how much I love her work. So lucky for me, I also received one of her stunning little gold-lipped dishes, which.... let me tell you, makes me melt. I love the handmade quality of everything; I love that the lids fit "just so" and the lines are not quite straight. You can see the wonderful markings of process, but it's so clean and crisp. After I get the remaining building, I have my heart set on these. Cups dipped in rubber.

I actually can't talk about it anymore for fear of impulsively purchasing them all right this second ... patience, Debi.... patience.
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