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Dear Blog,

It's vacation time and I'm getting on a plane soon. I'm heading to Curaçao to go diving. Do behave yourself and please water the plants while I'm gone.


... . ... . .... . . . . ... . .. . . . ...

p.s. these pictures are from the last time I was at LAX, or rather the long-term parking lot 'C' at LAX under the landing path (my favorite place!). Upon arriving back at the car, we realized we had left the car lights on and the battery was more than dead. It took three hours for us to get recharged, back on the road, and finally home. While waiting, I just walked around the huge parking lot. I found someone's car keys lying on the ground, eaves-dropped on a boisterous conversation between security guards in the bathroom, and took about a million photos of planes landing... of course.

p.p.s. did you watch the games yesterday? Both USA and England played with outstanding results... being citizens of both countries and having the games being played in South Africa (where I grew up, but of which I am not a citizen), I was absolutely overflowing with pride for EVERYONE! I just needed Canada in there, and then I'd be complete!
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