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Our little house in Smithville, TX is far from furnished, but we're working on it.

Straddling oneself between two half-homes presents its own special challenges, and though we are lucky to borrow a few things from nearby family, most of our belongings still live in Los Angeles. We did ship out a couple pieces of furniture early on and bought a few things in TX so that, at least, we have a place to sleep and sit but, generally, things are pretty sparse.

Making this little house actually feel like home is another thing entirely. On this trip I brought with me a felt garland I made ages ago that hung in our LA bedroom. It's a small detail, but does wonders for the psyche! And in the last few weeks I've been fixated on textiles as a solution to making this house feel more comfortable; a few rugs and simple window dressings will go a long way while we wait to get our couch, books, framed art, etc. out here. Meanwhile, Mr D's solution is to populate the house with plants, of course.

While he works on our indoor jungle, I'm hunting for (relatively affordable) rugs. I did buy this one for what will eventually be my office, but I've also got my eye on these guys:

FYI: Mr. D and I are both leaning towards rug no. 2 for the bathroom which is a bit dark and needs some color. The other rugs will just have to live on my wish list for now.

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