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I got home late last week after another long stint of travel for work. After two nights home,
Mr. D and I packed up and headed south to San Antonio, TX for a quick and happy 2nd anniversary trip.


We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Havana. We were only in town for maybe 18 hours, so my impression of the rest of San Antonio is still pretty uninformed.

What I can tell you about is all about the colors of Hotel Havana. It was a color paradise!
Our room had a lovely green bathroom with a tiny skylight of perfect proportion. The color and single light source reminded me of a Dutch painting. It was so lovely.

Next up: the hotel's restaurant, Ocho, housed in a conservatory (swoon) adjacent to the hotel and painted one of my favorite colors, turquoise. Styled with red carnations, a huge ficus lyrata, Carrara marble table tops, and a cobalt blue bar, I was barely paying attention to Mr. D during our anniversary dinner!

And lastly, an unexpected detail on the doors that lead to the balconies at the front of the hotel: magenta film. It totally transformed the little hallways and transformed my perception of color and space.

The folks at Bunkhouse (who operate Hotel Havana and a few other Texas gems)
have such a great eye for detail, character, and color.

In my next life, I want to be hotelier.

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