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Beast Pillow No. 266

Beast Pillow No. 266


One of a kind, and ready to ship!

This Beast Pillow is part of The New Recycles family, creatures born from once-loved sweaters and scarves and old buttons.

This beast has a colorful family tree which includes a green cotton-nylon cardigan, a yellow cashmere V-neck, a black and white striped 100% lambswool jumper, and an aqua cotton-nylon sweater.

He loves butter and Marmite on toast and takes his coffee with cream; all important little details when taking home a beast like this. He loves to play games, though he's terrible at strategy. Also, he's a wee bit cross-eyed.

Fully grown, this beast pillow measures 11" wide and 16" long (approx. 28 cm x 41 cm). If you include his legs, he measures 29" long (74 cm).

*Buttons are a choking hazard for young children. This pillow is NOT recommended for children under 3 years without supervision and should NEVER be kept in a crib.

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