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kim baise + joinery

I'm working on a mobile project and came across the work of Kim Baise, an artist based in LA. I love love love the playfulness of her work and the seemingly simple (what I'm calling) "the hang." I think I've been over-thinking "the hang" on my mobile project and this reminds me to simplify, which is almost always a good idea in design, I think. I am also inspired by how just a few elements can tell a whole story, or sparing color can transform objects.


These two mobiles (Mobile Homes and Twigeli) are both available at Joinery in Brooklyn. Also see Kim's blog where she tells a great little story about Mobile Homes, her first mobile. And check out her Etsy shop where you can see other lovelies in papier maché, hemp twine and twigs. Glad I stumbled on her work this morning... nice start to the week.

{photos: top left: Joinery; top right: jikits; bottom row: Joinery}

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