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keisuke ito

I got lost somehow inside the internet after I typed in "accordion doors" and 45 mins later found myself at oneheadtoanother, via jerkbabies, and finally landed on this site, The Ito Keisuke Collection. I can't read a lick of Japanese so I just clicked on pretty much every link and discovered this amazing collection of drawings. The short English version tells you that Keisuke Ito (1803-1901), who is called the father of modern Japanese botany, was a doctor who developed a vaccine for smallpox in Japan.

{not sure why the Ito links are not working right now! need translator!!}

Thank you accordion doors for leading me here!

Ito Keisuke_1.jpg
Ito Keisuke_2.jpg
Ito Keisuke_3.jpg
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