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lisa congdon

While procrastinating (I have a presentation tomorrow, so of course, I'm surfing the web) I watched a nice little short about Lisa Congdon via swissmiss (by In the 5 minute documentary she speaks honestly about the idea of doing what you love, but also being mindful of love-work becoming all-consuming so that you no longer love it (said much more elegantly by Lisa). This is something I can say happened with me and knitting and the Beast Pillow last year. I remember a time when, for many months, I just wanted to snap my knitting needles in half and hurl the yarn off a cliff just be done with it all. Luckily, I worked through that, but it wasn't easy. Certainly the demand for my work is nowhere even near the demand for Lisa's work, but how she spoke about needing downtime rang so true to me. It also reminds me of a talk by Stefan Sagmeister about the power of time off.

The film is a good reminder to achieve balance between work and life, and making time for the relationships in our lives. Makes me realize that while I've not got the balance quite right yet, I'm getting closer. And I'm still knitting, so.... that's good news!

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