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Hello Smithville, Texas!
It's been almost 2 weeks since I left Los Angeles with all our belongings packed into a truck and the car in tow. After 3 longs days of driving and many more long days of unpacking, the move is finally over and our little house is furnished and cozy and wonderful. And we have lovely neighbors, namely majestic longhorn cattle!


The house is roughly the same size of our old apartment in LA, so we were able to bring almost everything and have it all fit quiet nicely. It's a tight squeeze though and it could stand some shedding of "stuff." Next up is sorting out my little office space and getting my knitting and sewing situation all figured out. I'm close to starting up beast production again, but also savoring some quiet moments of doing nothing and just contemplating our new surroundings. Having a huge longhorn walk by your fence as you look out the window is quite something for this city girl!

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