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Alrighty folks.
Since things here are getting 'round to being normal again, this will be my last Progress Report.
Let's get on with the show!

I do, however, want to mention two things:
The shop is stocked again and open for business! Beast Pillows and other creatures finally available again. Now that things are unpacked and organized I can start making beasts again and I will be adding to the store as I make them.

Everything seems to have been successfully moved to the new house, but something is missing and it remains a real puzzle. Where is my tape dispenser?? All the boxes are unpacked yet there is no tape dispenser. I would not ordinarily mention a missing tape dispenser, except that this one was my favorite. And now that it's missing I realize just how much I loved and used it. In my opinion, Poppin makes the best tape dispensers. No frills, simple design, cool colors and most importantly, it has a really nice weight. Mine was yellow. Sigh.

I know, I know. Not a very important world event, but still... if you're in need of a tape dispenser, I recommend you start here. I'm going to give it a little while longer to see if it miraculously turns up (I'm thinking of the movie The Incredible Journey here, except with office supplies) before ordering a new one.

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