Debi van Zyl



We certainly didn't intend to buy a house that matches the color of our old rental. But that's what happened. We moved from one tiny blue house to another blue house, though this one is double the size and has some red brick for good measure. After a fairly extensive interior renovation, we are finally in!

It's been a bit of a blur, to be honest; we closed on the house just days before the birth of our daughter, Cassia, and the renovation began right as we faced the uncharted challenges of a newborn, and now 3 month-old baby. For her part, Cassia has certainly spent some time on the construction site and charmed all the contractors and inspectors!

We moved away from wide open pasture land to a heavily wooded area, and while I already miss the grand vistas, I cannot get over these trees! We inherited an old tree house that sits on our little slice, a left-over treasure for us to explore when Cassia is older.

Once we get a little more moved in, I'll be sharing some before and after photos.